Amazing Travel Journeys: Part III

Jungle Trek. Night. With friends who respect Nature. With the engine flicked to neutral, the only noise from the jeep was of a couple of loose nuts, a break pedal getting squeezed for a desperate grip on slippery rocks, a cautious shifting of gear to rein in the glissade, and a muffled rattling of a couple of annoying tools hidden somewhere deep in the vehicle. The rubber bounced from boulder to boulder taking us down through the thick darkness towards … Continue reading

Fifteen Amazing Travel Moments: Part II

Continued from Amazing Travel Moments: Part I At the top of a mountain. All night. In the company of a sanyasin. Have you ever spent a night on a cliff top, drunk with the mountain air lying in the open under a canopy of a million stars? Add to that a sanyasin sitting by your side near the sputtering fire healing your soul-wounds more by silence than by his whispers that resonate with the gruff mountain winds. You must, some … Continue reading

Fifteen Amazing Travel Moments: Part 1

Nightfall in a Kettuvallom. 7pm. With one of my best friends. There is a glorious moment in every ride across the Punnamadakkayal. When night falls the driver beaches the boat on some lonely shore near a village. If lucky, you could catch a raft of ducks paddling across the deep green water back to their dusky home somewhere on the field where your boat is tied to a coconut tree. Up the single track path, you walk for 10 minutes … Continue reading

Spirited Away

To all my moralist friends who spread juicy stories about their colleague. They are absolutely right. I flew abroad and drank an ocean. But they must note one more thing in their diary: their friend had left India with little hope. 1)    Alcohol sale is strictly controlled in the mountain kingdom. A dry day is observed every week. And you won’t get a drop before the clock strikes 1pm. 2)    Once in every year, Bhutan observes a month of absolute … Continue reading