Maoist Tourism at the Great Hornbill

Mine was not love at first sight. And I don’t remember when exactly that titration point arrived, when a drop fell with a plop and transformed my care for a cousin overnight to a longing to have a soul mate out of that relation. I decided to propose to her. Still I am sure: my love was not sudden, it could have happened by degrees in my life. I never believed in love at first sight. Until, I came across … Continue reading

Culture Tours: A Fire in the Pacific

A story inspired by a myth. It was night. A pall of silence shrouded a hamlet that clung to the rim of the Pacific. It was a sort of silence you could listen to only if you have lived long enough near a sea and let the waves relentlessly breaking on the shore shrink into a murmur and then into stillness. The villagers had woken up with a startle. For a moment they did not understand anything.  They were sleeping … Continue reading

Lonely Journeys: A trip with my teenage daughter

Can a travel writer appreciate a place objectively? Come, let us see. The room sucks! One can hardly spit through the window without hurting the dull green tea buds down below. I paid 3000/- for a room in Gruenberg resort in Chithirapuram. And see what I got! Spacious I admit. But… What do you call a room which has more windows than walls for its borders? The whole building – you must see it – lean and tall like a … Continue reading

And Quiet flows the Kallar

Every time I want to unwind without going far from my city Trivandrum, I walk along a private bridge across a river and disappear. A metallic door slams shut behind me. The voice is so reassuring; I feel a mundane life and a demanding society left lurching on the other end of the river, suddenly losing me. The hideout, River County resort is on the way to Ponmudi: twelve kilometers short of the tourist centre, at the opposite bank of … Continue reading