101 reasons to love Kerala

Count the number of ways you can love our land. Here’s a list of 101 reasons.

101 Reasons: Go Mountains!

There are a hundred ways to deal with a night. But all the 99 pale into insignificance before the one you have on a mountain. Yes. A night on the mountains under the canopy of a swooningly resplendent sky studded with diamonds. Mountains are outskirts to a city named heaven. It is great to examine your life near the clouds, soaking in the thin air and the solitude. Sages know better. Put out the moon, for it like the sun, … Continue reading

A Cup of Tea

Ah! For yet another cup of tea. I have woken up in a hundred different places in Kerala. (With all this traveling). But wherever I wake up, and whenever I do I find myself wired for a cup of steaming hot tea. Like you. But the best ‘teas’ in my life have waited at a distance. So here I am, scrambling to my feet, stretching my limbs, getting ready for the early morning walk. It is dark outside. Let a … Continue reading

101 reasons to love Kerala:Tree Shades

Come under the greenwood tree. Sometimes, the wood must be missed for the trees. For there are moments in journeys when a forest suddenly comes apart into individual trees, shielding us from the sun, from the buffets of rain and wind, offering us warty beds on their feet, whenever we feel that yet another step means a certain death. There is a tree at the top of Rayiranellur mount near Valanchery from where the legendary Naranathu Bhranthan rolled down big … Continue reading

101 Reasons to Love Kerala

Manu Remakant explores Reason #1.Villages… Abandon yourself in a village, a nameless, nondescript one in Kerala. Any place will do. Play deaf to those cynics who say that the State is now a big township and villages had long packed their baggages and left.  They will point at the electric lines, telephone poles and mobile signal bars and smile their cynical smiles.  Come with me. I will take you to places where innocence is a religion. Every night I sleep, … Continue reading