Armchair Journeys

It is a journey – a journey through other men’s journeys

Taking a little boat into Northern Sky

There is a charred book hanging in front of every kiosk outside the post office. Somebody has found a hobby in setting light to telephone directories. When Bill Bryson checks into Haja hotel near the quay in this remote corner of the world he doesn’t exactly look out for such detours. He has come to Norway to see the sky. Not that Bryson, a travel writer, has seen skies enough for a lifetime. But all skies pale into insignificance before … Continue reading

Siberian chicken and the secret inside the bra

(The writer, as he is not so wealthy to feed his travel bug with exciting trips outside his country, chooses the best way out. In Armchair Journeys he latches himself on to some great writers and their writings to experience the world outside. He bids adieu to his family, sprawls himself on the armchair in his room, flips out a travel book and disappears. Catch him on the act). Anthony Sattin has eaten chicken from various places – served on … Continue reading

I Pee Yell : Season 2

The writer meets one of the worst enemies of bathing in the wild in the travelogue, ‘In Trouble Again’ by Redmond O’Hanlon. What was your worst fear when you were a child bathing naked in a river or a pond teeming with fish? The moment I think about it my hands hurry down to cover my crotch. Some childhood habit we all share. We loved fish. But we wanted the nibbling, gnawing and chomping water bastards only in fish tanks … Continue reading