Sane Ravings

Reflections on books, encounters and people

An Interview with a Toddy Cat

After many months of patient waiting, the writer traps the little beast who litters his study room. Caught red-handed. But with a toddy cat as a prisoner, cool and composed, the writer finds himself on a sticky ground, the hunter becomes the hunted. We sat opposite the table, outside my library, on the roofed terrace in my home. It was deep into night. The bright white CFL lamp hanging like a pendulum from the roof spewed stark shadows beneath our … Continue reading

Who am I?

The writer discusses one of the complex philosophical problems which has vexed scientists and thinkers the world around. My computer was not healthy. Whenever it crashed it was my cousin who repaired my first machine. He never demanded to change my entire system in one go. Instead he wanted me to change the processor, the memory, the mother board, the transformer, the cabinet, one at a time. One by one my computer shed them. Every time he got me replace … Continue reading

Report from Mangobaag

Pink bazaar, a line of colonnaded shops. Long back the king had gifted a mansion, where the bazaar is situated now, to his concubine, who was young enough to be his granddaughter. On full moon day the king would come to the king-sized cot in its courtyard, which had pink sheets spread over it and pink pillows lying on it, with pink bowls of fruits and camphor lit in pink-coloured pots lying near it. The wait under the canopy of … Continue reading

Personal Narrative: Rear Window

RRR usually doesn’t pry open the can of controversies however big the reward is. It seldom pokes its nose in politics, economics, or commerce as there are a zillion other sites devoted to them. You feel too stuffed up with serious facts? Come down to this shack. Here is a place to unwind. Here you will get ‘cool’ drinks after a long walk under a scorching sun. But at times even RRR feels the heat under it. Especially when it … Continue reading