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Rum, Road and Ravings Turns One

Barack Obama doesn’t know what Rum, Road, Ravings is. Nor does Arundhathi Roy. In one year RRR hasn’t grown into a phenomenon, it never is destined to become one. But readers from more than one thousand towns in the world have made a touch-and-go, says Google analytics. The time they have spent in this site has always warmed the cockles of this writer’s heart. There is always a reader out there, to listen to my mad ravings. Isn’t that a … Continue reading

10 Best Ravings of the Year

The writer began to dabble in the stream of personal narratives right from the beginning of RRR. Only thing is that he gets a bit carried off at times, a quality that should be abhorred in the online world where nobody gets any time to spend on a particular page for long. Here in this page the writer presents his choice of 10 best Ravings he wrote in the last year. 1)    Voyagers in a Paper Boat. I still don’t … Continue reading

‘Return of the Raver’ – Sabin Iqbal

There were two bearers at Gins hotel, Plamoodu by the names Sabin and Manu  until recently. Sabin and I, friends for 15 years since we met at the Press Club, went there not only for an occasional sip after long hours at desk, but we also liked the concept of a Sabin and Manu serving  drinks to Sabin and me, the editor and consulting editor of “Sabin,” I hollered at the poor bearer,  “one repeat here,” deriving a cynical … Continue reading

Greetings from Murali Gopy

Murali wanted me back into the world of writing when I quit it and decided to be a 24/7 teacher, a decade ago. He was with the Hindu at that time and soon I became what he called his chief commando or an encounter specialist as a freelance writer. Even though Murali has now become a very popular actor and screenwriter in the Malayalam film industry it hasn’t taken away even a bit of  that warmth between us. When last … Continue reading