Sane Ravings

Reflections on books, encounters and people

Life In The Wild – The Tale of the Mosses

A rain empties itself out drop by drop.  Only the voice of a trickle, a long-drawn draining -perhaps from a sunshade or a terrace from the neighbourhood – remains in the ears. I see the thin strand of water penciling down in the dark, jiggling on the surface and finally feathering away into concentric circles in a puddle. The last drops of a night-rain are the most painful, for their voice with their hard edges fall like glass shards, too … Continue reading

Why we failed – A word to Charity Groups – Part 1

The sky was overcast, but the war lines had already been drawn, now they could not return. On one side stood some 50 odd students from various colleges in the city, all revving their philanthropic engines up, ready to go at the switch of a button.  A couple of teachers also stood by them – one of them, this writer and the other senior in experience, as she had attended an earlier program when the same kids spent a whole … Continue reading

Why we failed – A word to charity groups- Part 2

The story ‘Why we failed’ continues… Realize that in the parlance of some people among us, the phrase for ‘entertainment’ is a little leap in the blood count. The earth beneath caves in, sucking you deep, the moment a doctor tells you the bad news. It’s almost like the Nine and Three-quarters at the King’s Cross station, as in Harry Potter. You don’t know anything about it, until you’re thrown in. Unlike the Hogwarts, fun and merriment stop at their … Continue reading

Personal Essay: Trips to Childhood

Surreal pictures, reports from parents, voices from the dark, smells that singe, and touches that soothe — someday you saw a pattern, connected the dots and carved out a childhood from them. Once you decide to believe a story the first thing you do is to sweep the broken links and white bones that jut out under the carpet. You did it smoothly. A kiss here, a pat there, the aroma of vermilion mixed with Cuticura of my mother’s face, … Continue reading