Sane Ravings

Reflections on books, encounters and people

The Loser’s Game

First published at, ‘The Loser’s Game’ was a well-acclaimed piece written by the author on World Suicide Prevention Day. Here the writer infuses the old story with new observations and fresh memories about his late brother, telling us more strongly that suicide is a loser’s game. There were signs all over the place. On the rose plant that you did not water for the whole week, on the crumbled papers in the wastebasket in your room, on the hug … Continue reading

In the Realm of the Senses

A carrot was a carrot was a carrot until last week, when I read a book, Brand Sense by Vishnu. The writer talks about the changing trends in the advertisement industry. Traditionally advertisements cater to eyes and ears, spectacle and noise. But recent studies prove that whoever taps into the tactile, olfactory and gustatory senses, calls the final shots. Companies have already started shifting the gear. You may be familiar with the fresh-car smell when you crawl inside a new … Continue reading

Where art thou when the storm breaks?

In one thoughtless moment I pull down the window-glass of my car. A slab of rain prowling outside leaps in, whacks across my cheek with its cold brutal fingers. See how stiffly it resists as I try to pull back the glass. The beach has long vanished. Ten minutes ago, I remember, it was picture-perfect from every angle. One sudden rain has traded Shanghumugham for an abstract painting I can hardly read. Better close my eyes and listen to the … Continue reading

Wings of Desire

Don’t show me attitude. If you insist that to Emma Hamilton(1765-1815), the auburn-haired muse from England you are asking her to die. Without ‘Attitudes’,  her name, her career, her grant lovers, her life… all she had earned would be flushed out of history. Perhaps along with it would go, the new ballet form born in the 19th century which Emma heavily influenced. Born to a blacksmith father, Emma had to struggle hard, climbing up through a string of lovers, to … Continue reading