Greetings from Murali Gopy

Murali wanted me back into the world of writing when I quit it and decided to be a 24/7 teacher, a decade ago. He was with the Hindu at that time and soon I became what he called his chief commando or an encounter specialist as a freelance writer. Even though Murali has now become a very popular actor and screenwriter in the Malayalam film industry it hasn’t taken away even a bit of  that warmth between us. When last … Continue reading

Voyagers In A Paper Boat: Part II

Dedicated to all those great men who forced me to take literature as my subject. Dedicated to my father, the late poet Kilimanoor Remakantan and my teacher Dr. C. Ajayan who inspired me into the world of poetry. Dedicated to a few students who are now far away from me but brighten my world with a timely call the moment they read a shadow spreading its jet-black wings on their teacher’s stories. Prologue “When your star is unseen in the … Continue reading

An Interview with a Toddy Cat

After many months of patient waiting, the writer traps the little beast who litters his study room. Caught red-handed. But with a toddy cat as a prisoner, cool and composed, the writer finds himself on a sticky ground, the hunter becomes the hunted. We sat opposite the table, outside my library, on the roofed terrace in my home. It was deep into night. The bright white CFL lamp hanging like a pendulum from the roof spewed stark shadows beneath our … Continue reading

Who am I?

The writer discusses one of the complex philosophical problems which has vexed scientists and thinkers the world around. My computer was not healthy. Whenever it crashed it was my cousin who repaired my first machine. He never demanded to change my entire system in one go. Instead he wanted me to change the processor, the memory, the mother board, the transformer, the cabinet, one at a time. One by one my computer shed them. Every time he got me replace … Continue reading