An Ode to the Night Rain

This is a nostalgic retelling of my monsoon story which appeared last year. The rain, last night has stung me so deeply that I cannot help recall the old song and infuse it with fresh impressions. Read. Get wet in the rain. There must be a certain fun to burst upon the unexpected. Who knows it better than the monsoons! They always pick a dull night, nondescript, to explode over my house, markets and dreams. To sting me into a … Continue reading

Men in Musth – Part II

Read ‘Men in Musth- Part I’, before you come here. In the second part of ‘Men in Musth,’ RRR presents some of the usual characters it has come across among the middle-aged men in Kerala. LV or The local Valsyayana The master, the assumed authority on all things women, the LV is the natural leader of a gang. His judgments on women weigh in gold among among his friends and are quoted widely. Whenever a new bevy of women – … Continue reading

Men in Musth – Part 1

The writer delves into the secret world of middle-aged men as they gang up in every nook and corner in the state. What do they talk? Politics? Religion? Business? Don’t you want to know? “Men get naughty at the age of 40. And you just can’t do anything about it, Manu, it is in the age. You’ll know what hits you only when you’re run over by the roaring 40s. Wait until then!” I noticed how excited he was when … Continue reading

The Rum Diary: Ayyappan Ramachandran

Ayyappan Ramachandran, Principal Correspondent, Deccan Chronicle, Trivandrum was one of my two friends I looked out for a year ago. With his long experience in the media field and the excellent stories he wrote in the New Indian Express and the DC he had already won admiration even from journalists of rival newspapers. I have always been proud of our friendship which goes back more than 15 years. So I pitched the raw idea to him over phone. “Rum, Road … Continue reading