No Drinks with the Journalist

Musings on my old profession: Journalism I rushed to the bureau to tell the chief that the magician had arrived. Hardly any flutter. The chief didn’t raise his head; his fingers didn’t stop pattering on the keyboard even for a second. “Tell him to come later,” he said. His steely tone hardly hid his annoyance at me leaning over his desk blocking his muse. How can I, I sweated. I had already told the magician to wait outside until my … Continue reading

The Criminals who Mass-Copied: Part I

You have a hundred reasons not to read this story. It is too long. It brings out dirt from under the carpet. It is about the darkness in our soul. It is about 29 lives who do not matter to you. Continue only if you insist And don’t forget to read the second part too. Click the link at the bottom. It was not the best of my batches. It was not the worst either. Most of the girls came … Continue reading

The Criminals who Mass-copied: Part II

Continued from ‘The Criminals who mass-copied: Part I Darker, I mean it. Our society is divided not on the grounds of wealth, creed or religion. It is divided simply by skin tone. Complexion. ‘Colour.’ Watch popular media. Count the number of celebrities who are dark, I mean the ones who could sway hearts. The ads of fairness creams leave deep chatter marks in our mind. The fairer, the better. Repeats the mantra. The dark is born with a yearning to … Continue reading

Yay, there’s a word for it!

Meet these wonderful words from other languages. You may need them at a pinch. I often ask my students whether they can put it down on paper what exactly they feel when their best friend wins something that they covet. There is happiness, there is sadness. There is excitement, there is envy. No single word is there in English to spit that feeling out when we share our friend’s jubilance half-heartedly. My intention is to convince my kids how incomplete … Continue reading