The writer goes back a long way to pick the first blushes of poetry in his life I began reading poetry from the eyes of my teacher. It happened two decades back, I was doing my degree at SN College, Kollam. You know, misfortunes sometimes come solo and this one came when I agreed at a thoughtless moment to the idea of sharing my room with my teacher. I cursed myself. Why did I accept him as a roommate in … Continue reading

Knock, knock, knock, Are You a Brain In a Vat?

Even if we don’t live we will never come to know. Imagine an evil scientist. You are brought to his operation table. He hacks open the skull and eases out your brain without damaging a single cell. No issue as long as you remain unconscious, numb. After all it is only a scrap of imagination. Now the scientist carefully puts your brain into a vat of nutrients, so that the cells are happy and ticking. He connects all the nerve … Continue reading

Welcome to the Guest House

I invite my writer friends to contribute your stories to this page. You may send the necessary pics along with the story. It would be great if you can also send your passport size pic .

Ravings – Methods in Madness

There is a trick to wake up sleeping students in a class. Many teachers know it. Whenever their attention fails, the teacher switches to stories, anecdotes and curious facts of life. Once the story threads the minds of the students into one garland of wide eyes which sparkle like crystal balls, the teacher smiles and continues with the lesson.  The skill comes with reading. I always advise my students who wish to be teachers to read widely because it will … Continue reading