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Listening To The Untold Stories

History is a jigsaw puzzle with scattered pieces of facts and fables; Yentha lends an ear to the old men for their take on history – By Manu Remakant Ten years ago I met a very old man for writing a story. I wanted him to tell me about the history of the arattu festival. Instead, he rambled about the assassination attempt on the erstwhile Diwan of Travancore, Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer. “It was not KCS Mani who did that.” … Continue reading

When It Rained…

Manu Remakant moves through the city to harvest the first rain in the summer A wave of relief washed over the city when heavy rain lashed today evening, putting an end to the long wait for the clouds to deliver. The rain along with lightning and thunder was raging late into the night. Due to feeder snags, power supply was disrupted in many parts in Trivandrum. The authorities told Yentha that that the problem would soon be solved. The cloudy … Continue reading

A class apart

When a new member arrives, there is an induction party. He gives sweets to all the members of the group For commuters of the S-7 compartment of Jayanti Janatha Express (Kanyakumari-Mumbai), the good old days will soon become a sweet memory if the train continues to run late almost every day. Many of the commuters, who work in Kollam, take this train which is supposed to depart from Thiruvananthapuram Central at 7.45 a.m. “However, now most of the commuters are … Continue reading

Yentha Special Story: Lalitha's Little Game Of Lump And Life – Part II

One gnawing secret, and how many lives nibble at it from many ends with muffled cries and prolonged sighs! | By Manu Remakant Dr. Madhu Muralee is a surgical oncologist at the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum. It would take one more year for the doctor to meet Lalitha just because of her decision not to reveal her secret to the world. “I don’t think the lump Lalitha saw 13 years ago was malignant. But if unexamined, such harmless swellings … Continue reading