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Freekick: In Xanadu did Kubla Khan


“How much for this one?” I ask, as my fingers run over the rubber. With the back of my hand I give it a good whack and put my ears over the tyre to listen. “Hmm…not enough air,” I say. Suddenly another machine catches my attention. “How about that ?” I ask and hurry towards it, spiritedly. Rajan, the manager of the showroom, Ajayan sir my teacher-colleague, and my friend Ani follow me. But before I reach there, Ani catches … Continue reading

CLASSIC FREEKICK: The Messiah of Dark Malayalees.


Are you concerned about your complexion? Then you must start worshiping me as a messiah fighting for your cause. This story first appeared in long back. You don’t know how much I curse myself for being sweet to Ammini akka, (I used to pee only in her hands as a baby) our house-maid, when I was a child. I was 2 then. She used to carry me around whenever Chinkaran came to our house to pluck coconuts. She loved … Continue reading

Freekick: Ode to a Teapoy


The writer reveals the truth this time. Why did he quit playing guitar 25 years back all of a sudden? The disgust is still with him even though he has begun to laugh at his plight these days. Students quit their tuition centers for silly reasons. “Amme, I don’t understand anything.” “Amme, the teacher doesn’t know anything.” “Amme, I am too tired to go both to the school and the tuition centre. I have to quit one of them.” I … Continue reading

Freekick: Let them Eat Cake


(‘Let them eat cake,’ said Queen Marie Antoinette (allegedly) when she learned that her peasants had no bread. For the last 6 months my wife has also been uttering the same thing whenever she learns that we are hungry). “Fried rice!!!” My daughter whispered. “No, Pulao!” I whispered back. “It is halwa, acha!” “No, it is pudding, mole!” “Milkshake, I think!” “It can also be curd rice, dear.” “My latest cake. Vanilla lava cake, Belgian style,” my wife put an … Continue reading