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Freekick is back I waited with bated breath in that half-lit room. Hamme, a hundred pairs of eyes are on me. My doctor-neighbour checks the pulse of the old man lying on the bed. I am fed up. Every time they feel that the old man has died – not responding to tickles, pinches, pins, staplers, the voice of Ranjini Haridas – they send for the doctor to confirm their wild imagination. The doctor takes me as his companion. From … Continue reading

Freekick: Don't Read This If You Are My Wife

Manu Remakant, after a brief break, is back with some lighter and ‘weaker’ moments concerning a certain weakness that runs in the family.   “What is 4 x 8?” “453,” my daughter replied. I checked the answer on my calculator. “No, it is 32.” “Yes it is 32. You are right,” she replied. “What is 56 divided by 2?” “54, I think.” I crunched the calculator again. “No, it is 28. You are wrong.” “Yes I was wrong. It could … Continue reading

FREEKICK: Leave Trivandrum Off The Agenda, Obama

From time immemorial, allegations are rife in Kerala politics about the involvement of CIA. Taking a week off from Yentha, I decided to investigate the truth. And soon I stumbled upon a copy of a confidential report submitted by Agent Patrick to Obama. It is true, I shuddered. Guys, it was a close shave. I learned to my horror that a CIA team worked in our capital for a while, to study the possibilities of a coup in Kerala. Rising … Continue reading

Freekick: When Girls Say NO

Girls, I never understand them. I teach in a women’s college. Seven years have gone by and I am still a dull student studying my students. I was quite blind about the fad among girls who resist marriage proposals just for the heck of it. I-hate-marriage girls are on the increase, but a majority is eagerly waiting for that one little nudge to call it quits. (“What Marriage!!!! Don’t say that word to me. I hate it mom. I won’t … Continue reading