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Classic Freekick: General Motors Diet Vs Chilli Chicken

Published in on January 11, 2011, ‘GM diet vs Chilli chicken’ was popular among the dedicated followers of freekick. The writer narrates his desperate attempts to deflate his ever-growing tummy with outlandish diet programs. On one end was the famous GM diet. On the other was the smell of chilli chicken wafting out  from his favourite restaurant, Open House. Caught in between was Manu Remakant on diet. “Potato?” “Yup, Potato.” “For Lunch? “Potato.” “Potato!!!” “Potato.” “Potato…” Shortly will I … Continue reading

Lost in Advertisement

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Missing. Manu Remakant, a 38-year middle aged man of Thengappura lane is found missing from a bar in the city. He was last seen dying his hair. He is short-statured, 5’7”, dark in complexion, and has got a small paunch whenever he rises on his feet. It is easy to identify the missing person. With the sort of dandruff on his head he can’t spend half an hour without scratching his scalp. He has graying whiskers, a … Continue reading

A Place Named Thengappura

“Coprapura?” “Thengappura.” “Manga?” “Thenga.” “Oh. Thyanga.” “Yeah, Thenga.” “Thyangapora.” “No, Thengappura lane.” “I think I’ve heard it somewhere (Not somewhere, my friends. I have already told this bloody son of a bitch a thousand times). So you come from Thyangappura lane,” his brows arch; a scornful smile breaks out across his evil face. People know that I live in Thengappura lane; but still they find fun in running me through this painful ritual until they hear the hellish name blurt … Continue reading

Freekick Meets Facebook I

The writer snips a few pages off the facebook and wonders what. Biju Vinayak via mobile How am I?               Likes 0  Share 0  Comments0 Biju Vinayak via mobile My sister                 3456 Likes    6768 shares      View all 768 comments Sreedharan Awesome!!! Vinod Narayan: Super da!!! ———————————————————————————————————— Asha Cheriyan via mobile. TP’s murder. The sonorification of Communist party. TP, TP, TP. The bujivalkalisation of the bourgeois … Continue reading