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Classic Freekick: With Friends Like Me Who Needs Enemies?

Published in on May 19, 2010, the tale ‘With Friends Like Me Who Needs Enemies?’ is perhaps the most popular of the writer’s Freekicks. Even after 2 years the story is still doing rounds among the Freekick fans. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Have I been a good friend to the pals around me? Er…mmm…I think yes…. yes if you don’t ask me about Narayanan sir. There i erred a bit. A poor lack of judgement, … Continue reading

Freekick Classic: Sitting on an Enemy

The writer shares with you how the only 15 minutes of fame he had in his life ended in a lifetime of shame. “Can you see anything?” the eight-year-old boy asked. He was precariously hanging down like a pendulum from the sunshade of a single-storied building in his neighbourhood. Up there on the sunshade, there was his friend Raju, who had successfully climbed up. Raju replied, “No, nothing… there is only darkness inside. Manu, do you think you can climb … Continue reading

Freekick Classic: Certified by Goondas Part-1

This is about the writer’s brief brush with goondas, as he was at his friend’s home to help him get through one of his most difficult tests in life. Goondas are double-edged sword he learns it the hard way. Still they can bring out the best in him. Three years of courtship, the girl’s parents were still not willing to sign the agreement. No marriage, they said. Aji consulted his friends for a solution and discussions began on a regular … Continue reading

Freekick Classic: Certified by Goondas Part-II

(Continued from Certified by Goondas Part – 1) “It is good,” a goonda commented as he sniffed his stuff. I sniffed it from a distance, and retched; it could make even the ancestral elements in your genes throw up. “Aniya…”Here they call me again. “What?”I was right before them like lightning on legs. “Aniya, please sing a song to entertain us.” Danger. “Ayyo,  I told you that I am a teacher, not a singer…I don’t know.” The goondas never take … Continue reading