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Freekick: No More Parties Please!

“Vijayan chetta, don’t take this as a complaint but I don’t feel comfortable in your company. You’re a good guy, my well wisher and neighbour. But your friends are not half as good as you, especially that Murugan sir. What does he think he is! He may be the leader of police association, but he doesn’t have to take it out on me. The devil doesn’t know me.” Vijayan chettan nodded, knocked back the remaining drink and then replied calmly. … Continue reading

Freekick Classic: The Battura Nightmare

The week-long Classic Freekick Fiesta comes to an end today with this story published at yentha on March 1, 2011. Here the writer  shares with us another horrible experience he had in a restaurant in the city. Don’t brush it aside or laugh it away as a one-off experience; it can happen to you next time. There it was, lying on the ground, dead, defenseless, but waiting for its moment of resurrection. The triangle – formed by me, the hotel … Continue reading

Freekick Classic: Suddenly Married

Statutory warning: Many readers stopped eating beef curry after reading this freakish, sorry Freekick piece, first published at So if you are an avid beefarian read with caution. Don’t visualize too much. And if you are having beef curry as you read this story stop right now. Either eating or reading this. “No, I don’t want it, you eat man.” I pushed my plate of red hot beef curry towards him and mumbled in a wretched voice. “I don’t … Continue reading

Classic Freekick: With Friends Like Me Who Needs Enemies?

Published in on May 19, 2010, the tale ‘With Friends Like Me Who Needs Enemies?’ is perhaps the most popular of the writer’s Freekicks. Even after 2 years the story is still doing rounds among the Freekick fans. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Have I been a good friend to the pals around me? Er…mmm…I think yes…. yes if you don’t ask me about Narayanan sir. There i erred a bit. A poor lack of judgement, … Continue reading