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Freekick: Nursing an old Wound


“NO…” Dev sir couldn’t understand why I was fighting tooth and nail against his plan to whip up support for me from the students. “Manu,” he said innocently, “I only want to help you. We must teach those nurses a lesson.” I screamed: “NO.” I was almost in tears. He shook his head in disappointment, still pinning me down to the bed with his muscular arms. From childhood onwards my heart has been bleeding for poor nurses. Not a whimper … Continue reading

Freekick: A Dozen Tips to Stay Macho


You are married; you want to stay macho well into it, the way you were as friends and family know you all those years. But how? The writer gives you a dozen tips to keep your tough image intact. 1) To begin a day on a fine note, tell her what you want for breakfast: “I like to have poori, masala, and if it doesn’t bother you…and er…ehm…I want a bit of white chutney too. What do you say?” She … Continue reading

Freekick: No More Parties Please!


“Vijayan chetta, don’t take this as a complaint but I don’t feel comfortable in your company. You’re a good guy, my well wisher and neighbour. But your friends are not half as good as you, especially that Murugan sir. What does he think he is! He may be the leader of police association, but he doesn’t have to take it out on me. The devil doesn’t know me.” Vijayan chettan nodded, knocked back the remaining drink and then replied calmly. … Continue reading

Freekick Classic: The Battura Nightmare


The week-long Classic Freekick Fiesta comes to an end today with this story published at yentha on March 1, 2011. Here the writer  shares with us another horrible experience he had in a restaurant in the city. Don’t brush it aside or laugh it away as a one-off experience; it can happen to you next time. There it was, lying on the ground, dead, defenseless, but waiting for its moment of resurrection. The triangle – formed by me, the hotel … Continue reading