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Freekick: In Vino Veritas

(It was the right time for the girls to celebrate but it was the wrong bottle they chose. This is a true story. A woman I know revealed to me her first and last experiment with alcohol that went awfully wrong). “Mole, I want to tell you a truth.” “Not tonight dear. We have had our fill.” They hugged one another tightly and sank deep into a common pool of slumber, still sobbing. Sandhya got salary that day and picked … Continue reading

10 Best Freekicks of the Year

When I began writing my column ‘Freekick’ for in the 90s, there were only a handful of online columnists from Kerala. None of them chose humour for a living I remember, except this writer who was successfully deluded by his friends to trust his funny bone. More than 15 years have passed now. Freekick has traveled from Sunday Kaumudi to Rum, Road and Ravings taking a detour to on the way. The only thing that hasn’t changed is … Continue reading

Freekick: In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

“How much for this one?” I ask, as my fingers run over the rubber. With the back of my hand I give it a good whack and put my ears over the tyre to listen. “Hmm…not enough air,” I say. Suddenly another machine catches my attention. “How about that ?” I ask and hurry towards it, spiritedly. Rajan, the manager of the showroom, Ajayan sir my teacher-colleague, and my friend Ani follow me. But before I reach there, Ani catches … Continue reading

CLASSIC FREEKICK: The Messiah of Dark Malayalees.

Are you concerned about your complexion? Then you must start worshiping me as a messiah fighting for your cause. This story first appeared in long back. You don’t know how much I curse myself for being sweet to Ammini akka, (I used to pee only in her hands as a baby) our house-maid, when I was a child. I was 2 then. She used to carry me around whenever Chinkaran came to our house to pluck coconuts. She loved … Continue reading