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Freekick: The Day The Earth Stood Still: Part 2


(Read from the first part by clicking here) Beep beep! Listen! It beeped again. She checked her watch. It said 2:30am. The room was washed with the dim glow from her husband’s mobile. A message at this time! She looked at her husband. If innocence has a face, it could be his! Her fingers sleepwalked towards the mobile lying on the window sill; her eyes were half-closed. A message from a Sheeja? She pressed a button. “Oh!” A gasp escaped … Continue reading

Freekick: The Day The Earth Stood Still: Part 1


Only the bare outline of this story forms the actual incident. The thoughts and actions of people in crisis in this story are imagined. What else can I do? I have no other way to depict them because I was in deep sleep when everything happened. All I remember is waking up to my wife’s noisy breathing, and her face blazing in the darkness with anger as she announced to me that I’d become a father. And she was not … Continue reading

FREEKICK: The Apple that I Ate


The doctor tore a piece of paper from his notepad, squeezed it tightly into a ball, and gave it to me. “Eat it!” “!!!” “Eat it!” “Eat what!” I mumbled. “Eat it!” “This!!!” “Eat it!” I collected the ball from his hand. How could one eat paper! Just then the doctor’s wife called him from inside. “I’ll be back in a minute Manu.” He vanished into his home through a small door that opened at the far end of the … Continue reading

Freekick: The Brave New World


Dumb, all my life! Blame my parents for not giving me proper education at the right time. Blame my schoolmates who enlightened me with every other aspect about the opposite sex except its bloody side. I grew up as a nincompoop. Who would’ve imagined such terrible things were happening to the poor girls around me!  My cousins, friends, aunts and neighbours. The first time it came my way, I was 13, playing with my cousin. I could’ve missed some crucial … Continue reading