Festival of the Month – Near Death Festival

What will do if you just had a close brush with death? 1)    Thank God that you are spared. 2)    Ignore the whole incident and move on. 3)    Live life with more passion realizing the value of it. 4)    Get into a coffin and with the help of your relatives and travel to the nearest religious place in a procession. Hey, that’s definitely not fun! Who would want to travel around in a coffin after such a narrow shave with … Continue reading

We Want You!

Rum Road Ravings invites you to jump into the bandwagon by sending us your stories.     Sorry, readers for the interruption. RRR doesn’t post its ‘Road’ piece today because it has an important announcement to make. We have some news for you. RRR invites our readers with a penchant for writing to mail us their stories (450 – 700 words)for our space – ‘Guest House.’ At the moment, we are looking for travel pieces, photo features(Where we need some … Continue reading

A Night On the Rocks

Every year in April, after the last customer leaves, the staff close down the business. But before they go home they make sure that the sprawling hotel that they have run during the winter season now flows quietly back to the nearby river in little streams. They will come back only in mid-November, six months after, to claim the hotel back from the water. Come to Lapland in Sweden, 200 kms north of the Arctic circle to spend a night … Continue reading

In the mood for Heat

If you are the kind of person who wants to get fingers and tongue burn, eyes stream, foodpipe sizzle with the torchlight procession going down during every hearty meal you indulge in, you have already met Schezuan(Sichuan). What I mean is those hot, fiery and fire engine red curries you get in a Chinese restaurant. Sichuan, which brings hot palatal memories, is a place in Southwest China, rich in food sources. It is considered a land of plenty. But once … Continue reading