Poetry in a Night Train: Part 2

malappuram 1543

The second part of the story – Poetry in a Night Train “A blank ivory square of brightness”. I didn’t know emptiness is more expressive in light than it is in darkness until I began to travel with a poetry book. Especially on trains at nights. Or else why should yellow lights and lanterns scald my soul so deep in a journey! Tell me, dear reader. Do you too feel depressed in a night train at the sight of a … Continue reading

Freekick: Ass for Nothing


The pain began near the business end of my alimentary canal three days ago. And pretty soon I found a little lump there. What could that be! I gulped in the toilet. Thank god I have one doctor cousin, one doctor neighbor and many doctor friends to clear my doubts at the initial stage of any problem. But no probing, I decided.  I won’t let them get anywhere near a naked Manu. That part ruled out. “It’s a small lump,” … Continue reading

Honey, I shrunk the Husband!


If you have a weighing machine at home, you should read this story. I weighed 72 and my wife 62. No complaints on that though we secretly wished the figures to drop below 70 and 60 respectively. “No issue, Manu chetta,” Divya cheered me up, “we can always drop a bit of fat when we want.” Life thus was sailing on smoothly, when our family friend breezed in one morning to gift us with his digital weighing machine. “Go digital,” … Continue reading

The Wine and The Vedas


RRR is sad. RRR regrets about the stories he has told you on alcohol. He bites his tongue hard and presently mulls over getting the first ‘R’ expand into something else other than ‘Rum’, hmm…say, ‘Railway’? No, railway sounds dull. Hmmm…got it! ‘Ram’! Yeah, that’s good! Ram reflects our culture! RAM! The symbol of noble manhood of our nation. The Maryada Purushothaman. Prayers on my ears. Ram will sure wash away half the sin of singing paeans on alcohol until … Continue reading