Scenes from a renovation site: Part 1

The Renovation My mother, wife and daughter watched me with admiration. I gave the detailed estimate back to the engineer after making necessary corrections. I knew where to cut, how to save a penny. It was after all a small facelift to my 35-year-old house. All I wanted was to slap on a library at the top, pull out a room into a hall, a touch there, a brush stroke here. No need to spend big money on that. “But … Continue reading

Scenes from a renovation site: Part 2

(Continued from Scenes from a Renovation site: Part 1) Solving a staircase issue “Dumb idea, Divya,” I brushed Divya’s suggestion away with a single toss of my head. “But, Manu chetta…” “Enough. You don’t know anything about house renovation. But I know. Don’t try to pull me around with your stupid suggestions, I am the man of the house, understand?” I reminded my wife rather harshly. This woman had the cheek to ask: “Manu chetta, why can’t we get the … Continue reading

The Jungle at the other side: Part 2

(Continued from Part 1…) We slipped through the curtain of the ordinary and reappeared at the other side right in the midst of a forest. Twigs cracked under our feet. We trudged through bamboo thickets to reach the chequered shadows of sprawling trees. I didn’t know when and where I fell behind, but I got too bored as my companions yapped in a strange dialect about the problems of farmers in the district, and how they were going to deal … Continue reading

The jungle at the other side: Part-1

You haven’t seen her all, dear. I wanted to tell Sai.  He was all excited about this beautiful place, Kuruwadweep. I looked across the water, to the lush foliage, beyond the big trees which take up pint-sized islands all for themselves. A wave of nostalgia swept over me. My students were thrilled to bits with their close brush with nature as they with their trousers hitched up to their knees, excitedly holding one another’s hands in a long row, dipped … Continue reading