Pleasant notes of journeys


To put a name on it

We see the world through the language we use. Many feelings and experiences go unnoticed, unregistered, unfelt because we don’t have a word to address them. This is a humble attempt to show how rich our life could be if we pick expressions from other languages and other times which relate to those bastard feelings and vague experiences we dismiss every moment for want of a word to describe it. Join us on our trip to the crannies and crevices … Continue reading

Wild, Wild, Yeast

The writer savours a variety of beer, the Lambic, which is wilderness bottled. We know yeast runs the alcohol business. Some precious ones, which lend unique taste to very popular brews, were stumbled upon long back. They have been properly reared and cultivated in labs from time to time so that people can still savour the same alcohol their ancestors drank centuries back. In an earlier story we saw how the loyal staff of Bacardi destroyed the last yeast cells … Continue reading

Siberian chicken and the secret inside the bra

(The writer, as he is not so wealthy to feed his travel bug with exciting trips outside his country, chooses the best way out. In Armchair Journeys he latches himself on to some great writers and their writings to experience the world outside. He bids adieu to his family, sprawls himself on the armchair in his room, flips out a travel book and disappears. Catch him on the act). Anthony Sattin has eaten chicken from various places – served on … Continue reading