The darkness I carry : Part 1

One misty morning. Opposite the bus stand at Kumali, right inside a restaurant this writer was hogging unnecessary attention from local people. Let them stare. But I couldn’t join them in the Kumalian breakfast bonhomie – porotta and egg curry. Instead I gobbled down dosa and chutney. I didn’t bother them staring as long as this beautiful woman opposite me in red churidar picked at her soft porottas dunked in yellow egg-curry. She was in no hurry. I too. I … Continue reading

Just Saturdays babe

Ever since the marriage, the husband has been in the sea with a sprawling net to capture even a maanathukanni(the smallest fish in Kerala) of a reason however deep it swims. To drink. To enjoy good times with his friends. His wife, he knows, is also out patrolling on the same waters like that Italian ship to tear into his weekend catch of excuses with protests, logic, promises, requests, threats, outbursts and of course tears.  The war lines are drawn. … Continue reading

Onto the Scaffold with the Poles

I know why many of you prefer vodka. It was our customary first-stage promotion from the world of beer. We had only a faint prick of conscience when we knocked back for the first time the colourless, almost flavourless, odourless liquid which had the look and feel of water. A little water, after all, can do no harm. In fact it was from ‘woda’ which means water in the Slavic tongue, vodka got its name. We also love vodkas because … Continue reading

Sad notes of Journeys