Sacred Stones from Ramayana: II

(Continued from Part I) We gulped. The sacred stones appeared and disappeared every time Rohit spun around. Now we realized why the girls screamed. They had witnessed the blood-curdling spectacle of the sacred stones coming off from the river, soaring into heights  dripping water, when Rohit leaped onto his feet. The stones were still on his back, no… the dark stones they saw were his back, his bums. His trousers had somehow ripped apart and all his background assets were … Continue reading

In the Palace of Winds

I lean into the wind as I lug myself uphill. But I must put my feet softly on the thin-skinned earth. This time I know I walk along a wound. It has healed only on the surface. There is a hilltop and a beautiful sundown waiting for me. But here I am closer to the earth, listening to her faint groans against a mocking wind. “People went through real hell,” says Syam K. Prakash, front office manager of Punarjani resort … Continue reading

Wings of Desire

Don’t show me attitude. If you insist that to Emma Hamilton(1765-1815), the auburn-haired muse from England you are asking her to die. Without ‘Attitudes’,  her name, her career, her grant lovers, her life… all she had earned would be flushed out of history. Perhaps along with it would go, the new ballet form born in the 19th century which Emma heavily influenced. Born to a blacksmith father, Emma had to struggle hard, climbing up through a string of lovers, to … Continue reading

A Cup of Tea

Ah! For yet another cup of tea. I have woken up in a hundred different places in Kerala. (With all this traveling). But wherever I wake up, and whenever I do I find myself wired for a cup of steaming hot tea. Like you. But the best ‘teas’ in my life have waited at a distance. So here I am, scrambling to my feet, stretching my limbs, getting ready for the early morning walk. It is dark outside. Let a … Continue reading