In Thrisangu!

I stood inside the shady hall blaring into a mobile phone. “But I told your manager Deepu that I would come early morning. And you say you don’t have any rooms?” “Sir,” Sibi said. “Our checking in time is 10 O’ Clock. You have to find some other alternative until then as all our rooms are presently occupied.” “Sibi, I have come from Trivandrum. Deepu had told me it won’t be a problem even if I come three hours earlier. … Continue reading

Where art thou when the storm breaks?

In one thoughtless moment I pull down the window-glass of my car. A slab of rain prowling outside leaps in, whacks across my cheek with its cold brutal fingers. See how stiffly it resists as I try to pull back the glass. The beach has long vanished. Ten minutes ago, I remember, it was picture-perfect from every angle. One sudden rain has traded Shanghumugham for an abstract painting I can hardly read. Better close my eyes and listen to the … Continue reading

Voyages in RRR

After 109 days Aswathy Rajani looks back at the stories she had tasted before they appeared in ‘Rum, Road Ravings’. She is now a happy lot with the kind of progress the website has made in the short span of its life. Hey there, We are happy to let our thousands of readers from all over the world know that Rum Road Ravings have been running for 109 days since its launch on March 14. RRR has hundreds of readers … Continue reading

Taking a little boat into Northern Sky

There is a charred book hanging in front of every kiosk outside the post office. Somebody has found a hobby in setting light to telephone directories. When Bill Bryson checks into Haja hotel near the quay in this remote corner of the world he doesn’t exactly look out for such detours. He has come to Norway to see the sky. Not that Bryson, a travel writer, has seen skies enough for a lifetime. But all skies pale into insignificance before … Continue reading