Freekick meets Facebook II

Continued from ‘Freekick meets Facebook I‘ Bhaskaran Nair : Mother died. 356 likes                34 Shares JJ Sivan: How sad! Jancy Rani: Jeezes! Renuka P: OMG! Unnikkuttan: ROFL Pavanan Kovilakathu: ROFL!!! Unnikkuttan:  Oops! Sorry. Mmmm….Er…LOL? Likes 0       Shares 0          Comments 0 ———————————————————————————————————————– VS Sathyan: My wife         840 shares             Unnikkuttan: Sathyan uncle, I am also interested. 840 shares! But she is worth the wait. Awesome! Uncle, can you please tell me what number you have reached? When will … Continue reading

A Cup of Liquid Poetry

The perfect temperature for tea is two degrees hotter than just right.  –  Terri Guillemets Making tea. Making a poem. They have a lot in common. A poet poises each word on his palm, rubs it between his fingertips to feel its texture, smells it, sometimes even presses it gently into a shape that he has conceived in his mind, and finally slips it in meticulously at its apt slot nestling between two words which could draw the deepest essence … Continue reading

A Single Glass of Beer

The writer wonders where this single glass of beer he holds trickles  from. Grapes go off to become wine. Wonderful! But hello…sir, I am here to listen to the story of beer. Let me be relished with the wonderful tale of this single glass of beer I hold. Tell us how a grain of barley is tempted to give out its amberessence. Well, to make it short and drab, beer is bread, bread beer. Period. Dust the common bread with … Continue reading

In Thrisangu!

I stood inside the shady hall blaring into a mobile phone. “But I told your manager Deepu that I would come early morning. And you say you don’t have any rooms?” “Sir,” Sibi said. “Our checking in time is 10 O’ Clock. You have to find some other alternative until then as all our rooms are presently occupied.” “Sibi, I have come from Trivandrum. Deepu had told me it won’t be a problem even if I come three hours earlier. … Continue reading