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Guesthouse: The Candy Makers of Calicut

Join Rohit Krishnan writer and techie as he explores sweet life in Kozhikode town. Little Basheer loved to hear stories. Every night, as his dad put him to bed, he used to tell him a wonderful fable.It was a tale about a magical place, full of candy shops –their shelves overflowing with colourful goodies. The story was always the same, but Basheer never got tired of it. It was every child’s fantasy. Nearly 40 years have passed. Little remains of … Continue reading

Guesthouse: Chip in Guy!

After reading this, don’t get excited and call in on the writer to congratulate him. The writer, holed up in his own world waiting for some enlightenment, could hardly enjoy any interruption for the next 24 hours. You know this guy, Rohit Krishnan, the hero of our Freekick story, The Sacred Stones of Ramayana.  “You totally missed it man!!” Ashik yelled into my ear for the hundredth time. He was starting to get on my nerves. I was already pretty … Continue reading