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Yentha Travel: One Hundred Hours Of Solitude Part – 1

Manu Remakant takes us to the solitude of Pattiyar Bungalow and the intoxicating beauty of the Palakkadan wild. We stack the jeep with Palakkad matta rice, plenty of vegetables, oil, spices, cooking powders, plantains, chicken, and freshwater fish; enough to feed a whole battalion; for just the six of us. “No water,” declares Kunjumon, a teacher and our local guide who will lead us to one of the most virgin tourist destinations in the state. “No company water would come … Continue reading

FREEKICK: Leave Trivandrum Off The Agenda, Obama

From time immemorial, allegations are rife in Kerala politics about the involvement of CIA. Taking a week off from Yentha, I decided to investigate the truth. And soon I stumbled upon a copy of a confidential report submitted by Agent Patrick to Obama. It is true, I shuddered. Guys, it was a close shave. I learned to my horror that a CIA team worked in our capital for a while, to study the possibilities of a coup in Kerala. Rising … Continue reading

Freekick: When Girls Say NO

Girls, I never understand them. I teach in a women’s college. Seven years have gone by and I am still a dull student studying my students. I was quite blind about the fad among girls who resist marriage proposals just for the heck of it. I-hate-marriage girls are on the increase, but a majority is eagerly waiting for that one little nudge to call it quits. (“What Marriage!!!! Don’t say that word to me. I hate it mom. I won’t … Continue reading

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