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New narratives

Plays Works of Kumaran Asan, ONV Kurup and Basheer came alive on the stage, thanks to Rangaprabhath’s initiative of using theatre to introduce the greats of Malayalam literature to children. Manu Remakant T he Malabar revolt in 1921 came as a rude awakening for Savithri Thampuratti. She lost everything, including her loving parents. It was then that Savithri realised that the knowledge you earn through education is nothing when compared to the knowledge you earn from nature. The latter keeps … Continue reading

Road to Lakkidi

MANU REMAKANT finds out innovative ways to beat the cold while at Lakkidi Bet most of you have not heard about Lakkidi. Or that it is the place that gets the second highest rainfall in India? This is where the sky and the blue mountains meet, it is almost as if you just need to stretch your hand and touch the clouds that flit past. Standing on `Onpatham Valavu,’ in Lakkidi, which is around 700 m above sea level, the … Continue reading

On the trail of a legend

Manu Remakant follows the path of Naranath Bhranthan in Rayiranellur The trip to the Rayiranellur mount is a journey into the heart of a myth. The genesis of one of Kerala’s most enduring folk tales, that of Naranath Bhranthan lies here. Rewind to a few centuries ago. People saw a man relentlessly pushing or trying to push a large rock up a hill. The hill was very steep and the stone too big; every time he pushed the rock a … Continue reading

Breathtaking scenery

Rajamalai is a must-see destination, says MANU REMAKANT A 15-km trip from Munnar to see wild goats seems pointless. But if the local guide insists you take one, although sceptical, you give in. The destination is Rajamalai, part of the Eravikulam National Park in Idukki district. The target: to sight the rare mountain goat – the Nilgiri Tahr, and to lay claim that you have conquered the tallest peak in South India, Anamudi. The journey is taxing to the eyes … Continue reading