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Listening To The Untold Stories

History is a jigsaw puzzle with scattered pieces of facts and fables; Yentha lends an ear to the old men for their take on history – By Manu Remakant Ten years ago I met a very old man for writing a story. I wanted him to tell me about the history of the arattu festival. Instead, he rambled about the assassination attempt on the erstwhile Diwan of Travancore, Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer. “It was not KCS Mani who did that.” … Continue reading

Freekick: Don't Read This If You Are My Wife

Manu Remakant, after a brief break, is back with some lighter and ‘weaker’ moments concerning a certain weakness that runs in the family.   “What is 4 x 8?” “453,” my daughter replied. I checked the answer on my calculator. “No, it is 32.” “Yes it is 32. You are right,” she replied. “What is 56 divided by 2?” “54, I think.” I crunched the calculator again. “No, it is 28. You are wrong.” “Yes I was wrong. It could … Continue reading

Riders to the Sea

The Sea beckons, but I have promises to keep How do great travel writers get the unique experiences that we don’t find from the same place? How do they recreate them into highres images in writing? What makes them special? Frances Mayes, the celebrated travel writer says that a writer creates a particular world with his very presence where the experience can be had by only that person. But how does he create that particular world? Answer: By choosing unique … Continue reading

Welcome to the Guest House

I invite my writer friends to contribute your stories to this page. You may send the necessary pics along with the story. It would be great if you can also send your passport size pic .