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HISTORIES: Tales Of A Weird And Wonderful Age

An 80-year old college magazine takes Manu Remakant to a dark cranny in the life and history of Travancore.   1st of July. The assembly begins after the prayer in Women’s College, Travancore. Miss. Carrapiett, the former Principal welcomes the new students. Hundreds of girls stand in line in rapt attention as she introduces the incumbent Principal, Miss. FE Grose. This is 1st of July, 1929. The college has reopened today after the summer vacation. Libraries sometimes soar like flights. … Continue reading

Run Away To Ponnumthuruthu

The rain clouds continue to play hide and seek over the city. They refuse to deliver. Trivandrumites are seeking refuge in AC cars, low-floor buses, water melons, buttermilk and lots of water. Some douse the fire with beer. Many seek refuge in getaways around the city. Shankumugham beach in the evening is bursting at its seams filled to its brim with people.   Quo Vadis? Whither goes thou? Ask the people.     Come to Ponnumthuruthu, an uninhabited island in … Continue reading

Listening To The Untold Stories

History is a jigsaw puzzle with scattered pieces of facts and fables; Yentha lends an ear to the old men for their take on history – By Manu Remakant Ten years ago I met a very old man for writing a story. I wanted him to tell me about the history of the arattu festival. Instead, he rambled about the assassination attempt on the erstwhile Diwan of Travancore, Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer. “It was not KCS Mani who did that.” … Continue reading

Freekick: Don't Read This If You Are My Wife

Manu Remakant, after a brief break, is back with some lighter and ‘weaker’ moments concerning a certain weakness that runs in the family.   “What is 4 x 8?” “453,” my daughter replied. I checked the answer on my calculator. “No, it is 32.” “Yes it is 32. You are right,” she replied. “What is 56 divided by 2?” “54, I think.” I crunched the calculator again. “No, it is 28. You are wrong.” “Yes I was wrong. It could … Continue reading