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Talk To The Wind

Manu Remakant visits the most noisy, yet the serenest place in the city There are some places in the world which commune directly with heaven. Even if you are an atheist, you feel the energy building up around. The big trees, the green expanse, the blue mountain, the chattering wind and the sea all whisper the same mantra to your wearied senses. Come to Kunnumpara Subramanya temple in Trivandrum. The flight of stairs uphill under a scorching sun may wilt … Continue reading

YENTHA SPECIAL – The Dawn Of The Alcoholics

Manu Remakant feigns an alcoholic to trail addicts in Trivandrum who hop bars early morning. he first streaks of sunlight vainly tried to strain through the thick clouds. An unusual fog hugs the city roads. In the darkness my eyes picked a couple of men wearing mundu and white shirt walking hurriedly along the road. “See them? They are going to the bar on the main road,” said my auto-rickshaw driver, hoping that the topic would break the ice.  “Bar! … Continue reading

Histories: The Poet Hearkens Back

ONV Kurup, the legendary Malayalam poet, flags off Manu Remakant’s journey through time to piece together the broken narratives about Trivandrum The guest concludes his speech sprinkled with honeyed words about CP’s American model vision about the future of Travancore. He gets back to his seat. An uncomfortable silence descends on the hall for a few minutes. Have the people of the town given a blank cheque to the Dewan to decide on their future? Uncertainty doesn’t last much long. … Continue reading

HISTORIES: The Axe Or The Accent?

On the 54th birthday of Kerala, Manu Remakant takes us back to the many permutations behind forming the state of Kerala   This is the Orient Illustrated Weekly, July 20, 1947. The article written by P. B. K. Menon gives us the heat of the times, when discussions were on to carve a state out of the chaos called malayala kara. Map of Kerala; Image Courtesy: They had many options. There was a Cape Comerin which had a culture … Continue reading