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Knock, knock, knock, Are You a Brain In a Vat?

Even if we don’t live we will never come to know. Imagine an evil scientist. You are brought to his operation table. He hacks open the skull and eases out your brain without damaging a single cell. No issue as long as you remain unconscious, numb. After all it is only a scrap of imagination. Now the scientist carefully puts your brain into a vat of nutrients, so that the cells are happy and ticking. He connects all the nerve … Continue reading

In the beginning there was grape, then the yeast…

Yeast is the the secret of the energy, find out why. In the beginning there was grape. And it ripened, plump with sweetness. A fly spotted it; settled on it and dusted a few yeast cells stuck on its legs. The yeast, a living creature, a microscopic fungus, now dug deep into the grape to eat the sugar inside. The news spread and more yeast cells came that way. Yeast has a habit. It eats sugar and poops a funny … Continue reading

Talk To The Wind

Manu Remakant visits the most noisy, yet the serenest place in the city There are some places in the world which commune directly with heaven. Even if you are an atheist, you feel the energy building up around. The big trees, the green expanse, the blue mountain, the chattering wind and the sea all whisper the same mantra to your wearied senses. Come to Kunnumpara Subramanya temple in Trivandrum. The flight of stairs uphill under a scorching sun may wilt … Continue reading

YENTHA SPECIAL – The Dawn Of The Alcoholics

Manu Remakant feigns an alcoholic to trail addicts in Trivandrum who hop bars early morning. he first streaks of sunlight vainly tried to strain through the thick clouds. An unusual fog hugs the city roads. In the darkness my eyes picked a couple of men wearing mundu and white shirt walking hurriedly along the road. “See them? They are going to the bar on the main road,” said my auto-rickshaw driver, hoping that the topic would break the ice.  “Bar! … Continue reading