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Life as a husband to a woman with a superhuman memory but…

“Manu chetta, that’s the 27th peg you’re taking this Christmas.” “Twenty-seventh! How do you know! Bullshit! Twenty-seven is a long stretch of your imagination. Don’t think I’d buy it.” “You want to hear out the split-up!” “What split-up Divya! You exaggerate a lot. How can I ever take 27 pegs in a week?” “Well, how many did you take the day before your college closed for the holidays? That evening, with your friends?” “Not a drop more from my usual stuff.” “Usual stuff! Bah! That means, your … Continue reading

A day with my new personal trainer, Mammootty

This is a new series in Freekick where you see popular characters from life and fiction walking across my only life, without anyone particular around me seeing their trailing glory. We sat glumly in our chairs, seething, boiling, wishing intently that a freak bolt of lightning might fall upon the other. Nothing of the sort happened. We just glummed for nothing. Actor or boxer, one must pick rudimentary lessons in behaviour if one ever wants to be something, especially a personal trainer. Shashi. … Continue reading

Why I hate cats? The long and undocumented history of our enmity.

There is a standoff, I agree. As an impartial visitor to my locality the first thing you notice is something sinister, something bizarre, something secretive going on between us, seeing the manner in which we pass each other in the street, contempt writ large on our faces.  Cats, I hate them. Our hostility goes a long way back.  Those were the days of my inquisitive childhood when I was busy disturbing little bugs and insects that came my way. Boys did that at an … Continue reading

A minister for an uncle

I divided the rice into two heaps. “Uncle, this is my great great grandmother and that,” pointing to the heap of rice on my plantain leaf, but towards his side, “is your grandmother.” Too ungrandmotherly a shape, he could only nod at the heap of rice I pushed towards him. “This. My grandmother.”  “Yes! Your grandmother.” With that settled, I was now busy delineating relations with the rest of the rice. From the corner of my eyes I could see Divya sitting at the far … Continue reading