All these fifteen years, this writer has been freelancing for various media establishments – electronic, online and print. This website is not a swansong to that life. But it is time to take a little boat to the high seas where gigantic ships and whales move about.

The writer has his share of stories. About drinks, places and interesting things he has read and experienced.

This site comes because the writer feels that the stories he wants to share with you are too precious and sensitive to be drawn through the house styles of magazines or to be hauled over the cold, sharp and insensitive shears of an editor who doesn’t understand what passion is. He fears that the subtle flavours of his subjects look out for the silliest reason to get away leaving behind a bland residue of a good narrative.

Hence the three R’s of Remakant – Rum, Roads and Ravings. Mondays for my Ravings, Wednesdays for the Road and Fridays for the Rum.

To put it in another way,

Rum for my friends, Road for my companions, and Ravings for my young students.

Manu Remakant

Manu Remakant


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