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Freekick: Let Sleeping Wives Lie

“Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho…..entamme…. Rameswaram! You mean, the temple Rameswaram! This is the joke of the century. Ha ha ha ha…my god, can’t believe it. Your husband took you to Rameswaram for honeymoon!!!… ha ha ha… ayyo…haha ha…ayyayyo…” The walls  shook with my guffaws; my sides split, the chair I sat threatened to topple as it couldn’t take any more of my convulsions, here I would die any minute choked with laughter. For all the places … Continue reading

Rum Week: The Divine Tears of Africa

Grog. Kill-devil. Rumbullion. Nelson’s blood. Barbados water. Navy neaters. What’s in a name? That which we call rum by any other name would still stink as hell.  The sandy beaches of the Caribbean islands where you now relax over a rum cocktail under the cool shade of a coconut tree are only glossy flyers of a drink with a shady past to hide.  The turquoise of the  water, placid and cool that you see through your droopy eyelids while relaxing … Continue reading

RUM WEEK: A Single Glass of Rum

Everybody likes sugar unless Everybody is diabetic. But just tell me how do we get our sugar? From sugarcane! Of course, you are right. From time immemorial sugar has been an important ingredient in food in almost all parts of the world. We Indians along with the Chinese cultivated sugarcane even before Brazil, the sugar bowl of the world, dreamed about its culinary and commercial use. So there is this sugarcane, there is this sugar. If we don’t learn how … Continue reading

Maoist Tourism at the Great Hornbill

Mine was not love at first sight. And I don’t remember when exactly that titration point arrived, when a drop fell with a plop and transformed my care for a cousin overnight to a longing to have a soul mate out of that relation. I decided to propose to her. Still I am sure: my love was not sudden, it could have happened by degrees in my life. I never believed in love at first sight. Until, I came across … Continue reading