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Culture Tours: A Fire in the Pacific

A story inspired by a myth. It was night. A pall of silence shrouded a hamlet that clung to the rim of the Pacific. It was a sort of silence you could listen to only if you have lived long enough near a sea and let the waves relentlessly breaking on the shore shrink into a murmur and then into stillness. The villagers had woken up with a startle. For a moment they did not understand anything.  They were sleeping … Continue reading

Lonely Journeys: A trip with my teenage daughter

Can a travel writer appreciate a place objectively? Come, let us see. The room sucks! One can hardly spit through the window without hurting the dull green tea buds down below. I paid 3000/- for a room in Gruenberg resort in Chithirapuram. And see what I got! Spacious I admit. But… What do you call a room which has more windows than walls for its borders? The whole building – you must see it – lean and tall like a … Continue reading

Baptism by Fire: My Father – Part 1

Despite all the pressure, I had to wait for four years before I could bring myself to write something about my father.It was as difficult as to take a handful of water from an ocean. What to choose and what to leave out. What I leave behind seems to be of Tsunamic proportion. Still I bring to you this handful. My father, Kilimanoor Remakanthan, as I know.  It was a time when a boy with a spark of poetry could … Continue reading

Baptism by Fire: My Father – Part II

Part 2 of the story: Baptism by Fire The butcher shredded my father’s poetry book page by page, wrapped his blood-dripping ware in them and sold them. My father never complained. He had no complaints even when those well wishers visited us mourning about the way he was ignored.  It’s all about pulling the right strings, they advised him. He smiled. Some came with inside stories; they would tell him in whispers how his name was dropped at the last … Continue reading