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My Last Piece of Chicken

The conversation started on monsoon, veered around those dangerous cyclones frequenting the US, made a brief touchdown on Syria for fire and fuel, tore through the defenses of Obama, cruised over the turbid waters of Indian economy, plummeted to state politics, went further down and kissed past the local sleaze and was about to shake off the muck and soar once again to the dizzy heights when it happened… I took one piece of chicken. It was the last. A … Continue reading

A sexy witch in short skirt, A clipper ship and The Cutty Sark

“Weel Done. Cutty-Sark. And in an instant all was dark.” Tam’ Shanter was on his way home from an inn all drunk. He stopped midway. His curiosity was evoked when Tam heard strange noises trickling out from a nearby church. Nosy guy he was. Now drunken too. He entered the holy premises only to find a bare-breasted witch dancing in a voluptuous cutty-sark, a short skirt. An excited Tam could not hold out for long. He cried out: “Weel done … Continue reading

The Journey to Ithaka

I was on a self-destructive mode. All I wanted was to see my own plans go upset. Long hours of browsing online to pick the best spots of a place, chalking in the schedules, itinerary, booking hotel rooms, fixing appointments to meet the right people. They all suddenly seemed. Bullshit! I ran every journey I made for the last 15 years through my mind, trying to pinpoint the feel of each. Nothing. Only a numbness. A patina of lethargy and … Continue reading

A Place Named Thengappura: Season II Part 2

This is the second part of the story: A Place named Thengappura: Season II Part 1 1 a.m. You want to get off the bus to take a pee. Destination is only a short distance from this point; a walk along the dim lit road soaking in the night air seems quite a premium idea. Just before you ask the driver to stop, you check with the conductor what the name of the place that they are going to leave … Continue reading