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The Battle for Budweiser – II

Continued from ‘The Battle for Budweiser – Part 1’ When the Czech crossed the ocean with their national beer, they found St. Louis in the American west an interesting place. Built over limestone caves the town was abuzz with Germans who had fled revolution in Europe. They had brought with them their love for beer. George Schneider, an entrepreneur established a Bavarian brewery in 1852 to cater to the Germans who were nostalgic about the beer they had drunk in … Continue reading

The Battle for Budweiser – 1

What’s in a name? Shakespeare asked in the 16th century, and digressed to the smell of a rose. But for two legendary brewers based on the opposite shores of the Atlantic, a name is everything for which they must exist and fight for. Hundreds of years of legal battles. Millions spent on lawsuits over different countries. Every time a company wins an exclusive right to sell its product in a country, Lady Luck changes sides dramatically. The world is divided … Continue reading

Amazing Travel Journeys: Part III

Jungle Trek. Night. With friends who respect Nature. With the engine flicked to neutral, the only noise from the jeep was of a couple of loose nuts, a break pedal getting squeezed for a desperate grip on slippery rocks, a cautious shifting of gear to rein in the glissade, and a muffled rattling of a couple of annoying tools hidden somewhere deep in the vehicle. The rubber bounced from boulder to boulder taking us down through the thick darkness towards … Continue reading

Fifteen Amazing Travel Moments: Part II

Continued from Amazing Travel Moments: Part I At the top of a mountain. All night. In the company of a sanyasin. Have you ever spent a night on a cliff top, drunk with the mountain air lying in the open under a canopy of a million stars? Add to that a sanyasin sitting by your side near the sputtering fire healing your soul-wounds more by silence than by his whispers that resonate with the gruff mountain winds. You must, some … Continue reading