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Divine Comedy: Inferno

Friends, well wishers and my morally sensitive countrymen. Do not go beyond this point if the pictures of male genitalia and some plain talk on sex provoke you or wound your sentiments. Meet me at other stories which would soon appear in RRR. Au revoir! Shangri-la, the kingdom of happiness – Bhutan! What does it all mean! A country which patented the concept of Gross National Happiness (against the outdated idea of Gross National Product) to measure progress should be … Continue reading

Pictales: Rum, Road and Running.

I got curious when they told me that this is the palace in which the Maharaja of Travancore had signed a document which proclaimed that Sunday would be a holiday for Government staff. The Summer palace in Peermade. Great! My guide asked me whether I wanted to stay there for a night. The only other soul would be an old caretaker whom I was supposed to appease with a bottle of rum to get the permission. When I thought about … Continue reading

A Note from a Callous Husband On His Wedding Anniversary

The husband. The wife. Today is their 16th Wedding Anniversary. I admit that I have been been a cruel husband all my life, but for a reason. Call me ruthless! You are not going anywhere. Manu chetta, I must go home. When a woman is married off she must find her home with her husband. But I must see my parents. When a woman is married off she must find her parents in her husbands’. How can you be so … Continue reading

Men in Musth – Part II

Read ‘Men in Musth- Part I’, before you come here. In the second part of ‘Men in Musth,’ RRR presents some of the usual characters it has come across among the middle-aged men in Kerala. LV or The local Valsyayana The master, the assumed authority on all things women, the LV is the natural leader of a gang. His judgments on women weigh in gold among among his friends and are quoted widely. Whenever a new bevy of women – … Continue reading