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Alewives of the Dark Age

Behind every good brew there was once a woman. We go back 4000 years before Christ, to Babylon and Sumeria, where ale (a sort of beer) was the chief drink, young, yummy, and hygienic. The alewives, as brewsters were known, were the rallying point for men who banded together every evening after a hard day’s toil. This was the time when the King of Hordoland was so carried away that he married an alewife. He never had to go out … Continue reading

Under a Thin Layer of Mist – King’s Cottage

“I have only 24 hours. I want to experience everything,” We shake hands, eyes locked, smiles locked, connecting immediately. Viju’s face sports the warmth of a host when he welcomes a customer from a faraway place like Trivandrum; but the hand I now hold is cold and steely with the Coorg climate. “You must be tired.” he replies, still holding. Viju turns to introduce Deepthy, his wife, who is behind him. “Hi,” we say almost together, smiling. The couple lead … Continue reading

Before I Die – Route No 1

Withering Heats Mangoes stricken with pale yellow wither before they blow up into full-sized fruits. Sun-struck, newspapers wilt in hands, before they are read. My city red with blisters. Her homes are kilns, firing up human beings, body and soul. I ride. I continue to ride my bike. Until I realize that: Riding a motorcycle these days is almost like fording a river of fire. After all this, if there could be no rain and storm waiting for me at … Continue reading

Frozen in Amber: The Woods are Lovely…

…Dark and Deep. The news series, ‘Frozen in Amber’ is a journey through my travel pics. A picture. A memory. A ripple in my heart. You pay a fee at the forest office in any ecotourism spot in Kerala they will provide you a tribal guide. “You have already paid for the man. No tipping needed,” the officer at Chinnar forest division warned in whispers taking us out of the earshot of our guide. We nodded. The 3-hour trek inside … Continue reading