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Dead Man Talking

I woke up with a jolt when the jeep evaded a pothole with a sudden turn. We were deep in a forest (in shit!) or why else the road so dark and the sides so impervious! I rubbed my eyes and peered out through the glass; the canopy of tall trees had screened out the sun and there was an eerie darkness enveloping the long winding road before us. “Where have we reached?” I asked. The driver did not reply. … Continue reading

Go Blast it with Jagerbomb

A Toast to the woods Curt Mast was an enthusiastic hunter from Germany. When out of the woods during the off season, Mast had a habit of tossing together wild herbs with the intention of making a drink for his friends. He finally succeeded in distilling a heavenly liqueur and christened it Jagermeister, which meant ‘hunting master’ in German. Before every bout of hunting, hunters should raise a toast with the new drink, he insisted. Jagermeister, the liqueur soon took … Continue reading

The Rum Diary: Ayyappan Ramachandran

Ayyappan Ramachandran, Principal Correspondent, Deccan Chronicle, Trivandrum was one of my two friends I looked out for a year ago. With his long experience in the media field and the excellent stories he wrote in the New Indian Express and the DC he had already won admiration even from journalists of rival newspapers. I have always been proud of our friendship which goes back more than 15 years. So I pitched the raw idea to him over phone. “Rum, Road … Continue reading

10 Best Freekicks of the Year

When I began writing my column ‘Freekick’ for in the 90s, there were only a handful of online columnists from Kerala. None of them chose humour for a living I remember, except this writer who was successfully deluded by his friends to trust his funny bone. More than 15 years have passed now. Freekick has traveled from Sunday Kaumudi to Rum, Road and Ravings taking a detour to on the way. The only thing that hasn’t changed is … Continue reading