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The Green Fire that Consumes Poets


Dramatis personae Paul Marie Verlaine: He was associated with the Symbolist movement. One of the greatest French poets. Arthur Rimbaud: One of the most popular French poets. He wrote poems for only 5 years. Stopped writing at the age of 20. Died, when he was only 37. Absinthe: A green-coloured alcohol which was a rage in Europe during the last part of 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century. Location: Paris and a little bit of Brussels. The … Continue reading

Report from Mangobaag

29378The Vicks Mango Tree

Pink bazaar, a line of colonnaded shops. Long back the king had gifted a mansion, where the bazaar is situated now, to his concubine, who was young enough to be his granddaughter. On full moon day the king would come to the king-sized cot in its courtyard, which had pink sheets spread over it and pink pillows lying on it, with pink bowls of fruits and camphor lit in pink-coloured pots lying near it. The wait under the canopy of … Continue reading

Shaken, Not Stirred

JAMES BOND Wity Martini

Most of us were initiated into the world of alcohol with a cocktail – Rum and Cola. The sweet beverage diluted the fire a bit and made it drinkable. Then some day as we became mature we grew out of our sweet tooth, saying goodbye to Cola. But that was not so in the west. Cocktails have become a way of life in America since the days of prohibition. With no legal drink available in the market, life was not … Continue reading

Freekick: The Day The Earth Stood Still: Part 2


(Read from the first part by clicking here) Beep beep! Listen! It beeped again. She checked her watch. It said 2:30am. The room was washed with the dim glow from her husband’s mobile. A message at this time! She looked at her husband. If innocence has a face, it could be his! Her fingers sleepwalked towards the mobile lying on the window sill; her eyes were half-closed. A message from a Sheeja? She pressed a button. “Oh!” A gasp escaped … Continue reading