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FREEKICK: The Apple that I Ate

The doctor tore a piece of paper from his notepad, squeezed it tightly into a ball, and gave it to me. “Eat it!” “!!!” “Eat it!” “Eat what!” I mumbled. “Eat it!” “This!!!” “Eat it!” I collected the ball from his hand. How could one eat paper! Just then the doctor’s wife called him from inside. “I’ll be back in a minute Manu.” He vanished into his home through a small door that opened at the far end of the … Continue reading

Dum Maro Dum…The Hippie Trail

“Dum Maro Dum… Miit Jaye Ghum… Bolo Subha Shaam… Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishnaa Hare Rama…” You either love that song like me or you belong to the generation which shook its legs ecstatically in tune with the number. The song was India’s answer to the hippie tradition which raged in the west fifty years ago. The hippies! Long flowing hair, uncouth garbs, on the road for hashish, cheap travel and promiscuous sex – the hippies were perhaps the … Continue reading

Raking up Death

The air is permeated with the smell of blood and death in a mount somewhere in Palakkad. Welcome to the abode of Malaippothy. When the annual festival arrives, people from all walks of life gather on the holy mount with pots of toddy and live chicken to appease the Malai Bhagavathy(Malaippothy). The poojari will rip the head of the cock that you have brought over  a stone idol now soaked in red. Now settle down somewhere in the mount and … Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Story – Part 1

The writer rediscovers his passion for words by falling back on his story on Monsoon which appeared in RRR months back. There is a moment, believes Manu, when the writer becomes the writing. Language lovers and aspiring writers can follow him closely through the slushy ground in his pilgrimage to woo back his lost muse. Manu Remakant is writing his way out of sluggishness, today. He will take a shot of his own medicine and storm back home. He hopes … Continue reading