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Freekick: The Brave New World

Dumb, all my life! Blame my parents for not giving me proper education at the right time. Blame my schoolmates who enlightened me with every other aspect about the opposite sex except its bloody side. I grew up as a nincompoop. Who would’ve imagined such terrible things were happening to the poor girls around me!  My cousins, friends, aunts and neighbours. The first time it came my way, I was 13, playing with my cousin. I could’ve missed some crucial … Continue reading

101 Reasons to Love Kerala: The Nights

If I go anywhere else and settle, I fear, I’d miss this night. Of course there is night everywhere – the fields awash with faint starlight could continue to trigger weird imaginings in other villages as well,  the night-time aromas could detonate the same memories in other towns too, and even the orchestra of nights could be recaptured faithfully to the last note anywhere else in the world. What else can one miss! But, still there is something here which … Continue reading

Freekick: Nursing an old Wound

“NO…” Dev sir couldn’t understand why I was fighting tooth and nail against his plan to whip up support for me from the students. “Manu,” he said innocently, “I only want to help you. We must teach those nurses a lesson.” I screamed: “NO.” I was almost in tears. He shook his head in disappointment, still pinning me down to the bed with his muscular arms. From childhood onwards my heart has been bleeding for poor nurses. Not a whimper … Continue reading

Where Antlions turn into Damselflies – Part 1

The writer waxes on his experience of staying in a traditional farm house,  Sree Chithrakoodam at Chittur, 10 kilometers away from Palakkad town. He gets more than he asked and is pretty happy with that. When was the last time I spent a night here? I sit on a wooden chair in a mud house right in the midst of a sprawling rice field. All around me the muffled green stalks doze lethargically beneath a white blanket which the moon … Continue reading