Monthly Archives: August 2012

Stopover At Alleppey

Manu Remakant is on the road travelling to Palakkad. So all the regular features of RRR are suspended for the next one week. Instead we will have a daily impression of his journeys, ‘Photo Tales’. Today he picks a gem of a place named Andhakaran Azhi in Alleppey.

Guesthouse: Peanuts

Peels of peanuts lay scattered on his wooden table. The sun trickled in through the open window and little black ants scurried away with what was left of the dry flesh of the fruit that he was having with shot-after-shots of brandy the last night. Peanuts. That is all there was for the night. He was hungry, yes, but his pockets were empty. All that he had, to push through the night, was half-pint of brandy that his friend had … Continue reading

Lethal Games

Today we are on our way to meet the most potent alcohols in the world, the most dangerous ones in terms of ‘kicks’ they deliver. Know them only from a distance. Absinthe Known as the Green fairie, Absinthe was banned in many countries once because of its alleged hallucinogenic properties. A favourite of writers, artists and musicians the drink has a cult following all the time. The anise-flavoured drink is made from the flowers and leaves of wormwood. Try the … Continue reading

101 Reasons to Love Kerala: Bus Journeys in the North

I haven’t watched the movie ‘Thattathin Marayathu’ yet. But whenever I see its poster along the way to my college I hit a tripwire and soft smells of long-forgotten love detonate inside my soul like mines. I don’t know whether there is a scene in the movie showing the star-crossed lovers bouncing along the dirt roads of Kasargod inside a bus (there would be hope’s little wings flitting about them like eeyal, drunk with new rain and love invisible to … Continue reading