Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Loser’s Game

First published at, ‘The Loser’s Game’ was a well-acclaimed piece written by the author on World Suicide Prevention Day. Here the writer infuses the old story with new observations and fresh memories about his late brother, telling us more strongly that suicide is a loser’s game. There were signs all over the place. On the rose plant that you did not water for the whole week, on the crumbled papers in the wastebasket in your room, on the hug … Continue reading

Festival of the Month – Near Death Festival

What will do if you just had a close brush with death? 1)    Thank God that you are spared. 2)    Ignore the whole incident and move on. 3)    Live life with more passion realizing the value of it. 4)    Get into a coffin and with the help of your relatives and travel to the nearest religious place in a procession. Hey, that’s definitely not fun! Who would want to travel around in a coffin after such a narrow shave with … Continue reading

GUESTHOUSE: Why Arranged Marriage Sucks?

When I hit 24, like any typical malayali parents, mine too started panicking. “It’s time to marry off our daughter,” they agreed maybe for the sixth time in their 27 years of marriage. So began the search—I was registered into all the matrimonial sites they ever heard of and marriage bureaus, brokers and relatives were alerted too. I shuddered. Protesting was a bad idea since that would only panic them more and make them do something stupid. Hence I feigned … Continue reading

The Cat, The Sling and the Notepad

The writer takes you to one of the world’s most beloved hotels where legends are born. Drop in to it Long Bar which is considered as one of the top ten bars in the world. Life can be peaceful without the Raffles if you successfully skirt around Singapore. But once there you cannot resist much when history beckons you to the legendary hotel and its Long Bar. All roads in the city lead to the beach side building, now anointed … Continue reading