Monthly Archives: June 2012

A few whiffs of a perfume

You like perfumes? Well, we might have all worn them at some point, especially those cheesy ones, with all our relatives and friends in Gulf countries. I was blind to the world of perfumes until last week when I stumbled on a book. And learned that perfume composition is a delicate art which requires personal taste and refined imagination. Even a simple garden-variety jasmine perfume needs elaborate lab work for its preparation. In old days things were much simple. For … Continue reading

The Golden waters of Danzig

What will you do if you find metal flakes in a drink they have just served you? You will complain. What will be your reaction if they are gold flakes? “Er…ehm…bearer, Can you give me an old pepsi bottle? I will drink it from my home. No, no, no…I will pack it. Please don’t bother, he he…”. My friend, cool down. This is no lottery. This gold in the drink hasn’t come by any mistake. You have in your table … Continue reading