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Mooning over Monsoon II

(Mooning Over Monsoon I) There must be a certain fun to burst upon the unexpected. Who knows it better than the monsoons! They always pick a dull night, nondescript, to explode over our houses, markets and dreams. To sting us into a jittery wakefulness and then to laugh madly at our bewilderment. All we hear is a slab of ocean rumbling down from the skies. The rest is deluge. The world has been long tired with summer. Even the watchful … Continue reading

Mooning over Monsoon 1

Come. If you can. Where are you when the precious trinket inside the Almighty’s hope chest, Kerala, throbs in anticipation as it waits for the long-sealed lid over it to open? See. The clouds have started to pitch their tent above. The pilot winds have already landed on tops of coconut trees, swaying them wildly, even when, as the meteorological department says, the rains have only reached a distant land called the Andamans. We wait for the ablution, the monsoon. … Continue reading

Jungle streams

Stumbling upon a wild river is a blissful experience in jungle trekking.

The quintessence of life

In the last story, we saw how the yeast cells poop alcohol after feasting on the sugar inside grapes. The name of the game is fermentation. Nature doesn’t need Agent Man to make fermentation happen in the world. But once man tasted the fermented juice he licked his lips and decided to anoint himself as one. He began to cultivate the right vine systematically , drew out the juice from the grapes, left it open for the yeast cells to … Continue reading